Шаги к дигитализации Вашего бизнеса

Blog Steps to digitalizing your business It seems that almost everyone is talking about digitalization – the digitization of the company’s autonomous processes. In fact, many companies have already started their digital journey. And now is the right time to become part of the digital revolution! Greener environment Resource economy Document/Data security Faster access to …

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Цифровая трансформация бизнеса

Blog Digital transformation in business We live in an era of digital transition, where cloud computing, big data, machine learning and other cutting-edge technologies are working together to change the world! Key business benefits of digital transformation are as following: improvement of operational efficiency, meeting customer expectations, reducing production costs, improving the internal communication, reducing …

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Защита экологии через дигитализацию

Blog Environmental protection through digitalization As the deadline for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), set by the United Nations approaches, more and more businesses are pledging to reduce their carbon footprint. Corporations such as Disney, General Motors and Microsoft are amongst those leading as successful examples. There are many steps to becoming more environmentally friendly, but …

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The Oversee team offers a solution for waste management​

Blog The Oversee team offers a solution for waste management We all have the desire and love to stay in a tidy and clean environment. This year, CatchSmart and the team “Oversee” also participated in the international and annual hackathon “Climathon 2021 – green, smart municipalities”, which took place from October 8 to 10. Climathon …

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